Rocky Branch is a premier free chase whitetail and turkey hunting destination.  We pride ourselves on providing a top quality experience for our hunters from the stand, to the lodge, to the dinner table.  When you hunt here, you're part of the family!  We have over 20 years of experience managing these properties, and we're blessed with long standing return clients who have become great friends.  As a Whitetail Institute distributor and food plot consultant, you'll find our food plots to be among the best in the Mid-West.

Intense Management + Low Pressure = Outstanding Opportunity

We manage thousands of acres, but only book about 30 hunters each year.

We only hunt the 6 prime weeks of the 15 week Illinois deer season.

We book a maximum of 6-7 hunters per week to minimize hunting pressure.

If you're tired of the high volume "hunt factory," Rocky Branch is the outfitter you've been looking for!

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